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Divy Pota

Divyanshu "Divy" Pota is a music producer, songwriter and recording engineer originating from Canberra, Australia. His production style is built on the foundation of powerful melodies, infectious rhythms, and a lifelong passion for communication of concepts and feelings through sound. 

Divy has earned chart and radio success in a number of international territories, and his work has a combined total of over 250 million views on YouTube. In 2017 alone, Divy has had commercial releases with world renowned artists such as Faydee, Silento, WSTRN, Adam Saleh, Zack Knight, Demarco, James Yammouni, amongst others.

Divy has an active role as Executive Producer for international sensation Faydee, and has produced several of his hit songs over the span of their ten year working relationship. Working mainly within the pop genre, Divy draws influence from several styles of music - EDM, rap, R&B, and Bollywood.


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