Jakob Delgado


Jakob Delgado launched into the public eye in 2015, appearing on Season 7 of X Factor (AUS) as part of boy band In Stereo. The group captured audience’s attention as both judges and industry placed them as the next 1D.

Following this quick jump to fame, the band put out multiple releases in the years that followed, and embarked on national tours. At this point Jakob is still not 18 years old.

Jakob moved into working towards his solo career nearly two years ago. The development of which has coincided with some of the most formative years in any person’s life. Moving quickly beyond the sphere in which In Stereo existed, Jakob has evolved to be writer, artist and producer as he takes full creative control.

Combining R&B, pop and hip-hop, Jakob melds urban sounds and genre bending production with a real depth of emotion. 2019 brings exciting new releases from Jakob Delgado after a year long hiatus, bringing a new sound and pioneering a new wave of artist.