Ladies and Gentlemen. We are floating in space. JamarzOnMarz is made for the future. From another planet. From outer space. A lyricist. A boundary pusher. Hard hitting. Soulful. Beats. Bars. Finding inspiration in Lisa Simpson he began playing the saxophone – mastering alto and soprano - and making music at nine years old. By fourteen he had written his first rap. Jamarz unique sound draws from influences such as Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott while expressing and connecting his ideas of social injustices through intricate beats.

At the age of sixteen, JamarzOnMarz released his first two singles. “Resurrection”, about being an outcast in his small rural hometown called for powerful retribution to rain on the local kids and bullies messing with his mind; and the follow-up single “Make Way” foretold of a future which was calling JamarzOnMarz towards the world’s biggest stages, leaving his foes buried in the monotony of their small-minded existence. By seventeen Jamarz was starting to make a habit of traveling hours to the city and sneaking into hip-hop gigs with fake ID and a story to tell.          

After dropping his more recent singles “North”, “Minimum Wage” and “Complexion 4 Protection” Jamarz was tapped as a national finalist in the Unisounds live music competition – one of only 5 finalists selected from across Australia, and the only hip-hop artist – before supporting UK MC Ocean Wisdom on his 2017 Australian tour.

Living on the fringes of Australia’s largest city in the scenic Blue Mountains provides a natural counterpoint for Jamarz nocturnal forays deep into the Sydney underground and of his own mind. JamarzOnMarz has already started to attract the attention of the industry and collaborations are in no short supply. MixedByEspa who have engineered for Pharell and Future; singers/musical thespians such as Thea Regan; producers like CashMoneyAP who have produced for Migos, Young Thug and Rich the Kid have all attempted to pin down JamarzOnMarz in one way or the other. But there is little gravity where Jamarz operates, somewhere between classical saxophone and confronting rap bars.  

With no shortage of societal opinion JamarzOnMarz aspires to shape his music into a platform as a creative force, to be an author for underrepresented communities such as women, LGBTQI, people of color and other minorities. JamarzOnMars aspires to make music that challenges the social normality and stands the test of time while uniting people of all different planets.


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